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Established in 1934, the Nissan Motor Co. Ltd has been manufacturing quality cars for many years, remaining on of the world's most popular makers of automobiles. Over the years, Nissan has honed its numerous vehicle ranges to meet the changing needs of motorcar consumers, providing them with capable machines for everyday use.

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Nissan cars offer buyers of new and used cars a wide variety of vehicle options. Whether you're looking for a car in which to take your children to school every day, a heavy-duty 4x4 in which to explore the great outdoors or a commercial truck with which to transport heavy cargo, Nissan has the right vehicle for you.

CMH Nissan offers the full range of new Nissan vehicles as well as a choice selection of used Nissan cars and trucks. Search through our listings to find more information on each vehicle, including images, specifications and price comparisons, and decide which Nissan cars best meet your unique driving requirements.

Moreover, CMH Nissan offers quality parts and accessory services that gives Nissan owners the option of keeping their car functioning optimally well into the future. Contact CMH Nissan for guidance in buying the Nissan that best meets your specific requirements.

New Nissan cars are manufactured using the most up-to-date design techniques and technological advancements. The needs of drivers are constantly changing and this is taken into account when developing new Nissan cars. While they contain state-of-the-art technology, they are also designed to age well; going from stylish to classic over the years.

Buyers can choose from three Nissan vehicle categories: passenger, sports utility and commercial. Each vehicle category comprises vehicles intended for a different purpose and to meet the requirements of different types of owners and drivers.


Passenger vehicles are ideal for everyday city use, including commuting to and from work, driving your children to school and extramural activities, as well as other daily errands. Vehicles that fall under this umbrella include the Micra, Tiida, Livina, Qashqai, GT-R and the all new 370Z.

Those who enjoy large, powerful cars should consider purchasing a sports utility vehicle. Vehicles in this category are usually capable of easily traversing streets, dirt roads and rough terrain, ideal for city driving during the week and enjoy nature activities over the weekend. Choose from robust and stylish vehicles such as the Pathfinder, Patrol, Navara, Murano and X-trail. Whether you are looking for Nissan 4x4s, SUV cars, MPVs or a Nissan pickup.

The third and final category of Nissan vehicle is commercial vehicles which includes Nissan trucks and Nissan vans. This category is one of the most versatile categories because there are many different types of commercial businesses; each with their own set of vehicle requirements. Depending on which vehicle you choose, these cars can transport awkward and heavy cargo or a large number of people effortlessly. Vehicles in this category include the Hardbody, Patrol pickup, Primastar, Interstar and Cabstar.


Search our database to discover pictures, features, engine types, dimensions and Nissan price comparisons of any of our Nissan cars, vans and trucks. New Nissan cars have proven to be popular purchases among South African drivers for decades and this trend looks set to continue indefinitely.

CMH Nissan offers a wide array of high-quality used Nissan cars at affordable prices. There are several reasons why buying used Nissan cars is a wise decision.

Firstly, Nissan has been active in the car manufacturing industry for many decades and has released numerous stylish, durable and reliable vehicles. Because of the high standard to which Nissan cars for sale are made, they retain their value and functionality for many years after they are first driven off the showroom floor.

Moreover, because Nissan manufactures cars to meet drivers' specific needs, their vehicles tend to be well cared for by their owners. This means that second-hand Nissan cars are still in top condition, even if they are years old. Furthermore, CMH Nissan tests each vehicle thoroughly before putting it on sale so that buyers are assured of receiving the Nissan value that they have come to expect.

As with new Nissan cars, used Nissan vehicles are divided into three categories: passenger, sports utility and commercial. Used passenger cars offered by CMH Nissan include the Micra, Tiida, Livina, Qashqai, GT-R and the 370Z.

Used SUV cars and used MPVs offered by CMH Nissan are durable and versatile, providing drivers with the ability to navigate city streets and off-road terrain with equal ease. Cars in this category include the Pathfinder, Patrol, Navara, Murano and X-trail. A used 4x4 is an excellent option for drivers who often explore the outdoors. Knowing that your vehicle has already been put the test will put your mind at ease when you traverse harsh terrain.

For business and heavy duty personal use, consider purchasing used trucks or used Nissan vans to transport heavy cargo. Each used Nissan
pickup, truck or van has been manufactured to perform a specific type of task; giving business owners a range of options: Hardbody, Patrol pickup, Primastar, Interstar and Cabstar.

CMH Nissan offers a wide selection of authentic Nissan parts and accessories that are recommended to ensure that your vehicle functions optimally for as long as possible. Furthermore, use our Nissan service centre for all repairs to take advantage of our many years of expertise dealing with Nissan cars and trucks.

As one of the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers, Nissan has spent decades honing their manufacturing process. With one look at CMH Nissan's list of available Nissan cars, you'll quickly find a new Nissan or used Nissan that fulfils your specific requirements.

Nissan sales have remained consistently high and it's easy to see why. Functional and stylish, new Nissan cars are sought-after among families, business owners and recreation drivers. Buy Nissan cars from CMH Nissan to experience superior driving.

Browse our new Nissan cars or used Nissan for sale, or call your nearest CMH Nissan dealer.

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